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bernie & zuzu

glow | hand printed, limited edition

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Glow is a rainbow triangle pyramid of hope and glitter and all things bright and good!

Glow is inspired by a childhood growing up in the 80s with glow worms, lite-brites, and Rainbow Brite. Glow is about the sparkle every one of us brings to the world and the creativity in each of us. Glow is also about the journey - triangles often symbolize mountains and journeys, process and growth.

This hand pulled screen print is made from a tissue paper stencil and an inky rainbow roll. It is printed on thick, bright white, archival paper from the French Paper Company. The print measures 11"x14".

This piece was designed with easy framing in mind - we left plenty of white space so there is no need for you to spend time and money on custom framing. Just purchase a 11"x14" frame off the shelf (we think it looks best in natural wood) and you're all set!

Every product from bernie & zuzu is one-of-a-kind. Handmade means no two pieces are the exact same. Variances and imperfections are part of the beauty of each item. The piece you receive may differ slightly from what is pictured here.