Behind the scenes of a Pride Collection collaboration!

Behind the scenes of a Pride Collection collaboration!

Being a color addict, I've always been obsessed with colorful plastic, especially neon transparent colored acrylic plastic! When Tori from Tori's Trinkets moved in down the hall from my studio, I was excited to get to learn more about her work and get to know her. I had seen her acrylic jewelry at shows and was totally into her fun, colorful work, but didn't know how she made it. She showed me her Glowforge (a lazer cutter and engraver) that she uses to make her jewelry. 

After I learned she was doing a collaboration with another artist, I brought up the idea of us collaborating sometime. She immediately suggested we do a Pride Collection together - and that felt perfect!

We started the collaboration by setting a timeline and discussing initial ideas. Then I got to work sketching and designing. Here are some of my initial sketches.


Tori and I met to choose our favorites and then I redrew the outlines for Tori to make digital and use the Glowforge to cut out prototypes. We choose just the right colors of acrylic and adjusted each design until it felt perfect. 

We were especially obsessed with making the suncatcher a perfect balance of meaningful but fun colors and shapes. We tried many color and acrylic finish combinations to get it just right, then adjusted the chains in between each shape. I've always wanted to make an acrylic suncatcher and now that dream is fulfilled! Check out the mobile below, as well as some of the final earring sets on our models!

I had a great time collaborating with Tori of Tori's Trinkets to design and handmade new acrylic earrings and a mobile too! We are so excited for you to check celebrate Pride Month with us! Check out all our designs when you shop our Pride Collection!

Also, you can learn more about Tori and check out her art at her online shop.