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bernie & zuzu

Three Triangles and a Hug | Giclee Print

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Three triangles and a hug!

Did you know shapes can have relationships to each other, just like humans and animals? This print was created improvisationally. Bernie knew she wanted to work with triangles and layering color. She started with the large yellow triangle, added the pink and then the blue. When she was done with the triangles, she added the off-white semi-circle shape to pull them all together. Then she realized it looked like the triangles were getting a hug!

Originally Three Triangles and a Hug was a hand printed, four-layer print, and the first screen print Bernie made by using shapes cut out of tissue paper as stencils. This process leaves a really interesting texture when tiny particles of ink passing through the porous tissue paper. Using tissue paper also ensures that the original print can never be repeated, because the water in the inks will break down the tissue paper after about 10-20 prints.

To make this a digital print, we scanned in the original screen print, brought it in to Photoshop to resize, and printed it on our own digital printer. It is currently available as a 11x14 print.

This piece was designed with easy framing in mind - we left plenty of white space so there is no need for you to spend time and money on custom framing. Just purchase a 11x14 frame off the shelf (we think it looks best in natural wood or a white frame) and you're all set!